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An On-Line Service Success Story

Once there was a man who became fascinated with microcomputers. In fact, he spent just about every waking moment thinking about them. This obsession eventually drove him to begin operation of a on-line bulletin board service called the 24th Street Exchange. Being it was the 4th of July, 1983 and having nothing better to do.

24th Street Exchange grew (from a Heath H-89) and grew (to a multi-line DOS-based system) and is now -- still in operation -- the oldest BBS in Sacramento. Word spread: 24th Street Exchange was a well-maintained board operated by one of the most knowledgeable SysOps around; it was a stable system people could depend on.

Years later, when the word Internet was on everyone's lips, the man offered full access via T-1 lines and the loyal BBS customers were happier than ever. For they knew they would receive the same quality service and attention they had come to depend on.


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