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Our business accounts include registering and hosting your domain name. Having your own domain name means that your e-mail will be addressed as and your web page as

Service Features Cost
Hosted Domain Business Account Non-metered/unlimited dial-up access (see note below).
20 MB space for your web site, using your domain as the address (
5 e-mail addresses at your domain.
Static IP address (by request).
1000 MB non-secure web traffic per month.
10 MB secure web traffic per month.
Hosted Domain without Dial-up Hosted domain account as above, but without dial-up connection. This is for customers who have an Internet connection (DSL, etc.) not supplied by us. 25.00
Additional non-secure traffic Non-secure traffic over base, in 1 MB increments. .10
Additional secure traffic Secure traffic over base, in 1 MB increments 1.00
Additional E-Mail Additional e-mail address as a separate mailbox. No charge for mail aliases on existing addresses. 1.00
Additional Web Space Each additional 5 MB space on web server. 5.00
Additional dial-up Additional dial-up connection so more than one computer may be connected at the same time. 20.00

(Note: Unlimited access means you do not have to worry about usage or prime time hours; it does not mean a continuous open line. To ensure fair access to all callers we restrict usage to five continuous hours on-line, two hours off. Continuous on-line use over five hours is considered a dedicated connection.)

For more information, feel free to call our business office at (916) 448-1290, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or use our Contact Form to leave email.

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