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Here's a list of other people who have web sites discussing the tents they make. None of these are commercial tentmakers, as far as I know (but their sites provide links to those other guys). Mostly, they're in it for the love of tentmaking, and will help you get in touch with others who have made their own tents.

Medieval Pavilion Resources

This site, by Tanya Guptill (or, in the SCA, Dame Mira Silverlock) has pictures of five tents she's made herself, and has links with just about every other pavilion-related site on the web.

Deborah and Steve's Plausibly Medieval Pavilions

Nice pictures of the tents they've made, plus construction details, and many of the same links as Tanya's site.

Pavilion Information from House Greydragon

Master Terafan's page on the several hub-and-spoke round tents he's made, plus some fascinating pictures of a surviving Swiss pavilion.

Some other pages of general interest to Re-enactment enthusiasts:

Embarking on a "Period" Medieval Encampment

Maestra Damiana Illiara d'Onde's detailed (dare I say exhaustive?) treatise on period encampments, SCA style. There isn't a lot she doesn't cover.

Master Bedwyr Danwyn's web site on period lighting which is a gold mine on information on how to make your own period lights using oil, tallow, and other period fuels. Master Bedwyr also contributed this column on how he sets up his encampment for the Pennsic War.

And I'd like to thank Sunara's Clothing and Accessories for their help over the years.

And, course, our own e-mail address:


If you know of some other links we should have (like yours, maybe), we'd love to hear from you. Likewise, if any of the above links is stale, we'd appreciate your letting us know.

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