Installing E-Mail Programs

Mail clients like Eudora and Pagasus and the e-mail part of Netscape need to know the SMTP and POP3 machine names within our network. These names are shown below. We have found that entering an IP address rather than the name will confuse the server - use the names, not the IP. If your outgoing mail is being rejected or you are not being allowed to log into the mail server, check these settings.


Netscape (version 2.x & 3.x)

Click Options on the menu bar, then choose Mail and News Preferences

Click the Servers tab and enter:

SMTP Server:

POP Server:

POP User Name: <username> (your logon account name, WITHOUT our domain name)

Mail Directory: (use the default setting)

Be sure that the "Removed from the Server" radio button is selected

If you want Netscape to check for mail while you are on-line, enter an amount of time (in minutes)

NNTP Server:

News directory: (use the default setting)

Click the Identity tab and enter:

Your name: (your real name)

Your e-mail: <username>

Reply-To address: <username> (normally blank, enter here if different from above)

Organization: (your preference, can be company name, etc.)

Signature File: (Special text file that is appended to all outgoing mail. See the on-line Netscape manual for more information.)

Click the Organization tab and enter:

Remember Mail Password - checked (this will save your password so you won’t have to enter it each time you check for mail)

Click OK to get back to the main Netscape screen. Click on the envelope icon in the lower right corner to check for mail. Enter your password when propmted. This is the SAME password as you use to log into the system.


Pegasus (version 2.x)

After installing the program, click FILE-NETWORK CONFIGURATION menu, and enter the information as shown below. Substitute YOUR username for <username> without the brackets! If the NETWORK CONFIGURATION choice is grayed out or is not active, click FILE-PREFERENCES-ADVANCED SETTINGS, and be sure that the Load WINSOCK On Demand is checked.

TCP/IP timeout value: 60 to 120 seconds

POP3 host: (the pop3 machine)

Username: <username> (your username, without the domain name)

Password: (same password as you used for log in)

Delete retrieved mail on host: Yes

Poll new mail: 300 (5 minutes)

Relay host: (the SMTP machine)

From field: <username> (your username plus our domain name)

Pegasus has an option to "delete retrieved mail on host" which should be checked. That way incoming mail is transferred to you, then deleted from your file on our server and you won’t get delivered to you again.

The other settings are up to you, and are mainly preference and display settings. The FILE-PREFERENCES-GENERAL and ADVANCED menus have settings that you may want to look at. Pegasus does have very good, context-sensitive, on-line help. Click HELP on the main menu for help about each screen you are in.


Eudora Light (version 1.5x)

From TOOLS-OPTIONS, or when Eudora is run the first time:

Getting Started

POP Account: <username> (your username plus the pop3 machine)

Real Name: (your real name, if you want it to be included in the FROM field)

Winsock (network, PPP, SLIP) - checked

Personal Information

Return Address: <username> (your username plus our domain name)


SMTP Server: (the SMTP machine)

Ph Server: (leave blank)

Finger Server: (leave blank)

Checking Mail

Save password - checked

Leave mail on server - not checked

Advanced Network

Network timeout after: 60 to 120 seconds

Step through the setting options on the left side. The items above are the necessary items to make Eudora work, the others are your preference or display, and are up to you.